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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bothered Bodyguards in Africa.

The Soccer World Cup is upon us.
Held in Africa for the first time in the competitions history.

South Africa actually and nervous international spectators have brought their own muscle to SA to protect them from the frightening statistics they have been hearing about, the 50 murders a day, the armed robberies, the assaults, the hi-jackings and the rape - alas it seems the bodyguards themselves are bothered.

I am receiving reports across South Africa that European and American bodyguards are fidgety and anxious. Out of their depth in a first world / third world mix that they simply don't understand. They feel threatened by the street vendors and safe at the sight of police officers... hmmm in Africa nothing is quite what it seems.

I feel pensive at the moment and prefer to just watch. Watch, wait and observe. This will be interesting I have no doubt. Good thing the majority of these American and European protectors are unarmed. Otherwise they may just get themselves into some trouble and strife.

If you, yes you reading this, just happen to be a bodyguard not from Africa then please listen to these written words;

Take heed - use caution, be prudent and be nice. You may just survive.


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